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Name:James "Sawyer" Ford
Birthdate:Jul 20
Location:United States of America
Sawyer was/is a con man. He's a jackass and makes no apologies about it. Since the plane crash that left him stranded on the nameless island with forty or so other people, he hasn't done the best job of getting on his fellow castaways' good sides. He looks out for himself and distrusts most everyone. He has a softer side that he occasionally shows, but for the most part that is obscured by his harder exterior. Physically, he's average height and looks like this:

Banner courtesy of [info]lochiel-mun.

His real name isn't Sawyer; it was the name of the con man responsible for his mother and father's deaths when he was a kid. After falling into the life of a con man himself, the kid took on the name.

Sawyer has a prominent Southern accent. His words are in quotations and his thoughts are italicized. He will never ever be caught singing The Sawyer Song

This character is from ABC's Lost; specifically, immediately after the events of All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy IssuesOutlaws. This journal is strictly for RPing purposes at [info]milliways_bar. I obviously get not money out of this, or else I would get Wendy's Extra Value Meal #3 instead of ordering off the $0.99 menu every time.

NOTE: The layout for my characters journal is courtesy of [info]dopplegl and his graphic-fu.

Tutu!Sawyer pic courtesy of [info]sendpeanutbtr-mun.

Lost banner courtesy of [info]dopplegl

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