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Even as he stands there on the raft with Jin, Michael, and Walt, Sawyer is surprised to have come across a boat this quick. He isn't too worried about it, though; as far as he's concerned, it still didn't come quick enough.

As the small boat pulls up, Michael yells across to the bearded man manning the floodlight. "Oh, man, are we glad to see you."

"What's going on? What are you folks doing this far out here?"

" Hey, we were on a plane. The plane crashed. We've been on an island for a month..."

Sawyer lets the conversation drone in his ear as he looks over the boat that will be their salvation. A small, suspicious voice in his mind asks what such a small boat is doing this far out at sea, but he quickly pushes that thought away.

Until he sees the bearded man suddenly sober and say, "Only, the thing is, we're gonna have to take the boy."

Obviously thrown, Michael asks, "What? What'd you say?"

"The boy. We're gonna have to take him."

"Hey, what the hell is going on here? Who are you people?"

"Just give us the boy."

Sawyer watches as two other men on the boat stand and start walking toward their raft. Quietly, he reaches around for the pistol he has stashed in his waistband as Michael puts a protective hand on Walt and defiantly says, "I'm not giving you anybody."

"Well, all right then." The bearded man smiles -- or grimaces -- and kills the floodlights. As quickly as he can, Sawyer whips out the pistol and aims.

Not quickly enough, though. He feels the bullet hit his shoulder, then the cold shock of sea water. He's vaguely aware another body following after him and wonders whether it's Jin or Michael... and whether they're alive or not. It doesn't matter now, though. He's got to focus on finding the surface, fighting the force that's pulling him down deeper and deeper into the water...
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