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Sawyer sits at the bar watching the men and women around him chat. The party is invitation-only, but he'd managed to find a way in. He always does.

The bartender is a chatty old fellow who apparently has worked these parties for years. "That guy over there, he's Theodore Millens. He made millions selling candy, of all things. And those two, they're the O'Keefes. They're loaded..."

Sawyer chuckles. Virtually everyone here was "loaded". That's why he was here. To do this right, to set Claire and himself up for good, he needed a mark with some serious money. He was going to have to be more careful this time around. The richer the mark, the more likely they'll be to get the police to investigate. The best thing would be to find a woman who had independent access to the money (something few of these men would allow) and just keep the husband out of it. Fear of people judging her "affair" would keep her from taking too much action once the deal was done.

He scans the room while the bartender chatters on until his eyes rest on his prey -- a tall blond scowling at a group of men across the room, one of whom is undoubtedly her neglectful husband. She's just old enough not to be the belle of the ball anymore, young enough to still be vain about her looks. Perfect.

Sawyer grabs his whiskey and walks over to her table. "Evenin', sweetheart."
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February 2006


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