Apr. 7th, 2005

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I think this whole meme is actually a really good idea, so here the things I have in the back of my mind about Sawyer as I play him:
  • First and foremost, Sawyer is NOT evil. He's not a nice guy, really, but he's not evil.
  • Sawyer's sense of trust was shattered when his family was destroyed at the age of eight, not because of the actions of the con man, but because of the actions of his parents. These two people, who he should have been able to trust above all others, were just as guilty as the con man for destroying his family and leaving him to take care of himself. He came to believe that the only person he could trust was himself. His time as a con man reinforced this view, as he never would have been successful in his cons if the marks hadn't themselves been greedy. Thus, when he encounters a seemingly selfless or just plain nice act, he's constantly trying to figure out what the person is getting out of it.
  • Another result of the death of his parents was to damage his sense of self-worth. In his mind, if his parents had really loved him, his mother would have never attempted to break up the family and his father wouldn't have left their son an orphan. Again, his sense of self-worth was further damaged by his time as a con man since he came to see himself as just as bad as the con man ultimately responsible for his parents' death.
  • Because of the refusal to trust anyone and his sense that he himself isn't worth caring about, he has developed the defense mechanism of pushing people away. The ease with which he's been able to do this in the past has just reinforced his pessimistic views.
  • Despite all this, he craves, deep down, some sort of family to replace the one he lost. This is why he has come to ultimately allow in certain people who have demonstrated a refusal to dismiss him (Charlie, Claire, Jaina, Alanna, Virginia) even though he's kind of confused by their actions; as far as he can see, they get nothing out of their association with him.
  • Despite his awkwardness around them, he's got a strong affinity and protective instinct for kids.
  • Sex has always been some sort of tool to him, be it part of a con or just a way to take his mind off of his self-loathing.
  • Relationshipwise? He ain't got a clue. He's got a couple folks (*coughclairejainacough*) he likes spending time with and who's approval he actually cares about (which, by the way, scares the hell out of him), but he isn't thinking any farther than that.
So, yeah, make what you will of that.


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